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Las Vegas Guest Lists Explained

Las Vegas Guest Lists Explained

When it comes to going clubbing in Las Vegas one of the largest misconceptions and areas with misinformation is the guest list. While everyone hears about it, and even talks about it, not everyone has it, and there are a lot of items you’ll need to know to use a club guest list correctly. The good news is they do exist and they do get you into the top Vegas clubs for free.

What Is A Guest List?

Let’s begin by clearing the water and explaining exactly what a guest list is. A club guest list means free or reduced entry into a nightclub or dayclub. You join the list for a specific promoter and check in at the club entrance. The guest lists most commonly have specific lines or areas at the club entrance.

Which Clubs Offer Guest Lists?

All clubs in Las Vegas offer guest lists, but only some promoters are able to offer guest lists to all. No Cover Nightclubs is the leading entity for clubs lists in Vegas. You can find out more information about each club guest list below:



  • Wet Republic
  • Marquee Dayclub
  • TAO Beach
  • Liquid Pool
  • Encore Beach Club
  • Bare Pool
  • Daylight Beach Club
  • Drai’s Beachclub

When Are Guest Lists Available?

It might be easier to answer this question by stating when guest lists are not available. Typically there are no guest lists for New Year’s Eve, Memorial Day Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, during fight weekends, or for extremely popular artists or events. The guest lists are usually available on both weekdays and weekends.

What Are The Guest List Rules?

Each club venue can use its guest lists differently, there are some common rules. Scenario 1 is the guest list is free entry for both men and women. Scenario 2 the guest list is free entry for women, and free entry for men in groups with an even ratio of women, or more women than men. Scenario 3 the guest list is free entry for women, and reduced entry for men. Scenario 4 the guest list is reduced entry for both men and women.

How To Get On A Guest List

The most simple way to get on a club guest list is to use the No Cover Nightclubs website. They’ve created a platform that displays all the rules and how each one works, and made it simple than ever to join their list for any club. On top of that you’ll receive full confirmations. The alternative is trying to locate a legit promoter from each club, reach out, have back and forth texts about your group, dates, the rules, and events, and then hope the promoter provides the right information and actually ads you on the list. We can’t even count the number of times groups have had nights ruined because a promoter forgot to add them to the list.