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One area that tends to cause confusion when clubbing is the Las Vegas guest list. We wanted to quickly clear the air and establish how it really works. With our insider information you will have access to all the benefits and hopefully defeat some of the struggles by following the rules. Let’s breakdown the Las Vegas club guest lists.


MGM Grand Hotel
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Hakkasan Nightclub Guest List

Hakkasan Nightclub Guest List


Venetian Hotel
Thursday, Friday, Saturday
TAO Nightclub Guest List

Tao Nightclub Guest List


Cromwell Hotel
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Drai’s Nightclub Guest List

Drai's Nightclub Guest List


Mirage Hotel
Monday, Saturday, Sunday
Jewel Nightclub Guest List

Jewel Nightclub Guest List


Caesars Palace Hotel
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Omnia Nightclub Guest List

Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas


Mandalay Bay Hotel
Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Light Nightclub Guest List

Light Nightclub Guest List


Cosmopolitan Hotel
Monday, Friday, Saturday
Marquee Nightclub Guest List

Marquee Nightclub


Cromwell Hotel
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Chateau Nightclub Guest List

Chateau Nightclub Guest List


Encore Hotel
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
XS Nightclub Guest List

XS Nightclub Guest List


Resorts World Hotel
Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Zouk Nightclub Guest List

Zouk Nightclub Guest List

What Is A Guest List?

For Las Vegas nightclubs and dayclubs a guest list gets you free or reduced entry. This means you would not need to purchase a presale ticket or pay cover charge at the entrance. On some nights, and for some clubs, this can also mean an open bar or free drink tickets. For some clubs this can also provide an expedited entrance at the entrance.

Which Clubs Offer A Guest List?

Every club in Las Vegas offers a guest list. Sometimes gaining access or knowing how each one works is the tricky part.

Why Do Clubs Offer A Guest List?

Often guests ask why do clubs offer a guest list? Don’t they need to make money, why would they let me in for free? While ticket sales and cover charges are great, alcohol sales and having a packed house are more important. Las Vegas is home to some of the largest clubs on the planet. Offering a guest list to promoters helps of course promote the event, but also helps to ensure everyone is packed.

When Are Guest Lists Available?

Club guest lists are available in Las Vegas for almost every event, year round. For the most part, the guest list is valid for nightclubs from 10:30pm – 11:30pm and for dayclubs from 11am – 12:30pm. You must be checked in at the entrance by these times. If you show up after these times there is a good chance the guest lists will be closed.

When Are Guest Lists Not Available?

Guest lists in Las Vegas are not available for major holidays, fight weekends, and for big events. These can include New Years Eve, Memorial Day Weekend, boxing events, and performances by elite DJs or music performers.

Who Can Get On The Guest List?

Everyone is eligible to join a guest list, but know that each club creates there own rules for how they use their guest list. Some clubs offer free entrance for both men and women on the guest list. Some are free entrance for only women. Others require an even ratio of women to men, or more women than men, for men to be eligible for free entrance. Let’s see some examples:

Tao Nightclub Common Guest List Rules
Free entry for women
Free entry for men in groups with an even ratio of women, or more women than men

If you have a group of 2 women and 2 men – All get in for free
If you have a group of 4 women – All get in for free
If you have a group of 3 women and 4 men – 3 women and 3 men get in for free
If you have a group of 2 men – None get in for free

How To Get On A Guest List?

The process to get on a guest list used to be complicated. You needed to know a club promoter and have an exchange of texts or phone calls. Sometimes they would forget about you or provide the incorrect event information.

All that has changed with They have made it extremely simple to learn about each club guest list, see the rules for each, and join every guest list. They have leading customer support and can answer all questions quickly.