Dress Code For Las Vegas Nightclubs

Las Vegas Nightclub Dress Code

Each and every nightclub in Las Vegas has a dress code they enforce at the entrance. Make sure your attire meets the following guidelines to ensure you don’t get turned away.

Items Never Allowed On The Club Dress Codes:

  • Sandals

    Sandals Dress Code

  • Work Boots

    Work Boots Dress Code

  • Shorts

    Shorts Dress Code

  • Baggy, Loose Fitting, or Torn Jeans

    Dress Code Jeans

  • Athletic Shoes

    Club Dress Code Shoes

  • Athletic Attire

    Dress Code Sweat Pants

  • Cutoff Shirts or Jerseys

    Dress Code Athletic Wear

  • Hats

    Dress Code Hats

Know that all of the clubs in Las Vegas enforce a nightlife dress code, and for the most part they follow the same guidelines. The rules are directed towards men for the most part, but there are some suggestions for women as well. Not abiding by the dress code will likely mean you won’t be let into the nightclub.

Lets start with the guys. Obviously you will want to wear something that follows the rules. Can you wear jeans? Yes. Make sure to wear jeans that are not baggy, loose, or torn. For shoes we suggest wearing dress shoes. Just as a pointer, make sure the shoe color matches your belt color. The venues have varying rules with sneakers, so to play it safe and go with dress shoes. Most of the clubs require a collared shirt or button up shirt for men. You can also wear a shirt and sport coat as well. Can you wear hats? Hats are a no go so avoid going with head wear which includes hats and beenies.

One important thing to understand is that you may see other people being let into the club with attire that does not meet the standard dress code like sneakers, hats, and white t-shirts while you were rejected. DO NOT get upset about this or bring it up with the hosts, promoters, or security letting you in. It won’t help your cause. Other people may be celebrities, friends of the club employees, or bottle service customers. It’s just the way Vegas is. Follow the rules and you will avoid being told “no” at the entrance. No one wants their night to be ruined.

Women can typically wear whatever they want to the club. Most of the dress code rules don’t apply to them. There have been venues that did not allow girls to wear sandals, but those were rare occurrences. While sexy is always a positive for Las Vegas nightclubs, wearing something extremely too revealing may restrict you from getting in as well. We suggest a cute dress that fits your body type with nice heels or flats. You can’t go wrong.

Wearing sunglasses inside the club is allowed, but not recommended. Seriously just don’t be that guy. You will thank us later. Also note that your appearance is also dependent on how drunk you are when arriving at the club. The staff at the entrance are trained to look for those a little too intoxicated, and if you are, they won’t let you in.