Top Las Vegas Nightclubs Open On Tuesday Night


Tuesday nights in Las Vegas mean it’s time to go clubbing. While there aren’t as many spots open compared to other nights, there are some options that will still make an epic night out in Vegas. On top of that we have both free guest list and VIP bottle service options. Be ready for big time DJs, rooftop parties, and nights out that are just plain fun. Get your pregame ready because we are going in Vegas on a Tuesday.

When it comes to Tuesday nights in Las Vegas Omnia Nightclub is the #1 choice at the Casars Palace. With multiple rooms including The Terrace, Heart of Omnia, and Main Room there are plenty of areas to explore and music types to enjoy. Speaking of the main room, Omina has one of the most advanced club atmospheres on the planet with out of this world visuals and a crazy dynamic chandelier above the dance floor. When it comes to DJs and headliners Omnia reigns supreme on Tuesday nights and we have the free guest list and bottle service options.